active updating accessed bill client Current updating stock prices

If you hold your mouse over the dotted line, a tool tip will appear that describes the calculation in detail.

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Fields highlighted in yellow indicate securities priced real-time throughout the day.

The total of these changes, Today's Change, displays beneath the Change $ column.

The Price Editor is used to list and edit the price of one commodity in another commodity.

New prices can be added, existing prices can be edited, and prices can be retrieved from a variety of sources on the World-Wide Web when the commodity is properly configured. An existing price will be overwritten by a newer one if the newer one has the same or a more preferred source.

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The order of source preference (1 is most preferred) is: To support on-line quotations for a particular stock or mutual fund account, you must first enable on-line price quoting and select a price source in the Security.

This is described in detail in Section 8.7.2, “Configuring Securities/Currencies for On-Line Retrieval of Prices”.

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