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Either type of ring will be taller than the rings now used for 70 mm and 85 mm jars.The rings used to be made of zinc decades ago but aren’t anymore.We have been unable to test this as of yet (summer 2017.) If you are using the glass lids, you need a taller metal screw band that can accommodate the thickness of the glass lid.

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Gem jars can be used with metal lids or the original glass and rubber seal lids.Many American designs of jars also used the glass lid with rubber seal technology.In what could perhaps be termed a “best served cold” move, he announced that he would set up a company called Canadian Home Canning Inc. His company was a success as Canadians snapped up his lids.In July 2003, he said that he had anticipated demand for 5 million lids and ended up shipping 10 million instead.They said that the Gem jar and lid market was too small to service, representing only 10% of their business in Canada.” At the time, Judi Kingry, a transplanted American and now a co-author of the Ball / Bernardin Complete Book, was the Marketing Manager for Bernardin, and had to deal with the press.

In 2002, she told the Winnipeg Free Press: In 1995, the 78-mm lids accounted for 13 per cent of the total demand for jar lids in Canada.

We’re offering consumers incentives to try other jars if they contact us,” Kingry said.

A man named Gordon Tirebuck had worked for 9 years as General Manager of the Bernardin Canadian plant in Etobicoke, Ontario before he lost his job when production there was moved down to the States.

In 2002, with a new more efficient plant being built in Muncie, Indiana to handle production of Ball and Kerr lids, Alltrista / Newell corporate planners decided to close the Canadian plant and consolidate production of all lids in Muncie.

They also felt that incorporating production for the middle-sized Gem lid was not worth their while: The parent company, Newell, had built a new manufacturing plant in Muncie, Indiana and opted not to include the Gem lid size in the plant’s capability.

This meant that people switching to the new two-piece lid system didn’t have to buy all new jars.