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Corden differentiates his show by offering viewers a peek behind the scenes into the green room, bringing all of his guests out at once and lending his musical and acting talents to various sketches. See full summary » Craig Ferguson wants to tell a joke. But he may not remember to get to the punchline, because he's distracted by hysterical thoughts of fatherhood, Helen ...See full summary » If you only know Craig Ferguson as host of The Late Late Show or as Drew Carey's sitcom boss, you're missing out.But I don't think there's anything to be gained by shaming someone for taking a drug they realize they shouldn't have done, or getting involved in a situation they wish they hadn't. I think not being ashamed of who I am now helps that. TV: A lot of times, people who come to America from other places say they're surprised by how much race is a topic of discussion in the United States. CF: It was something that over time I became more cognizant of. I wasn't unaware of slavery and its history in the United States.

Immediately after leaving, though, Ferguson started working again.He won a Daytime Emmy for hosting the game show , the host and a panel start with one impossibly large question — like, say, which drug changed human history the most — and then narrow down their options from six to four to just two, at which point the studio audience votes for the final winner.The gloriously ribald Scot takes to the stage in this all-new extended and ...See full summary » Follow Craig Ferguson and his wife, Megan, as they travel around the world to seek out answers to the topics that we all wonder about.They tend to be looking at what is going on in the world right now. Then the third guest for most shows, as much as it's possible, is an expert on the field that we're discussing. If you could pick any topic and any three people from the history of the planet, what would be your dream show?

So it's an academic or a reporter or somebody who is involved in that field heavily and knows what they're talking about. In one show, I rejected the audience's answer and put it back. I took a contrary view to everyone else in the room. CF: Do you take someone like Hitler and say, "What the fuck were you thinking?That's what history is, whether it's personal or global. TV: When you look at American history as someone who came here from elsewhere, what are some things that you find interesting about it that we maybe take for granted?TV: You say in one episode that a drug doesn't have a moral. Do you think we too often assign blame for our own failings to objects in our lives? Oxycontin is a legal drug; heroin is an illegal drug. The drug doesn't care whether or not it has a legality. I'm privileged enough and lucky enough to do a job that I enjoy. CF: I think the extraordinary nature of how the country came together — the confluence of business deals, wars, tragic acts, huge immoral pieces of behavior.CF: I'm not actually the one that puts these things together.I have veto power if they say, "What about that guy?TV: What were some things you learned from talking with some of those people that you were really surprised by? " Or do you take someone like Socrates and say, "Did you say that, or did Plato make it up? What I want to do with this show is to not make it neat. I can't do that, because that's the antithesis of what I want to do with this show.