jason kitley dating Consolidating multiple email addresses gmail

First, you could open each email account in its own tab in a web browser.

You can do this by turning on email forwarding in each individual account and managing all your emails from a master account.

This method could also work in the reverse, where you receive all incoming email to one master account, then forward emails to the proper account.

First, to send a new email as your consolidated account, just open a Compose window in Gmail and click the From field.

You should see both your main email address and your consolidated one.

However, this still means you have several email address to manage and will cost you time sorting incoming emails.

While these approaches do improve upon the previous option, they still have disadvantages.This means you can send new emails from either account.Next, when you receive a new email it will be addressed to your consolidated account, and you can reply to it from that one.The best part is that once you’ve set it up, this takes no management and will run itself.Here are the steps to consolidate email accounts into Gmail.The benefit here is that it keeps the email addresses separate, which could be ideal for privacy or if you prefer to keep work and personal separate.