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When people refinance, they take out a new loan to pay off several student loans. Not only can this process simplify your payments, but you may also lock in a lower interest rate and increase your repayment term options.A student loan refinance may be used for Direct Student Loans, private student loans, or a combination of the two.

If you’re risking or already suffering wage garnishement, forbearance or collection calls, maybe it’s time to consider a student loan consolidation to combine all your loans in a single managemeble and low interest payment. Do you seem to get a phone call every day from payday loan collectors asking you to pay?

Don’t be one of the many students who are struggling. Maybe it’s time to consider a payday loan consolidation to help you manage.

Why should you refinance or consolidate your student loans?

Student loan consolidation helps with a primary goal of reducing monthly payment amounts or reducing the number of companies to deal with, or both.

Take out a second mortgage loan and get money to consolidate credit cards, car loans and student financing.

We provide secured loan for bill consolidation in an effort to eliminate high interest debt.

An interest rate reduction may not necessarily be achieved through consolidation (especially through the federal program), but may be achieved through student loan refinancing; typically offered by a private lender.

Definition: To refinance student loans means to restructure student loan debt, usually at a lower rate and with an extended repayment term. Borrowers can refinance both private and federal student loans.

We’ll walk you through some of the key considerations as you decide whether refinancing or consolidating is right for you (there are even situations where you might want to do a mix of both).

We can also help connect you with lenders who participate in refinance and consolidation programs that offer the terms and benefits you may be looking for, and get the process started for both federal and private student loans.

Learn how to apply for a Direct Consolidation Loan, or get additional insights on the Federal Student Aid website.