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Her boyfriend wore a bright orange shirt with the words “feel the Bern” printed across the chest.

Board Source members get complimentary access to Board Source's collection of white papers, webinars, and more.They also get member discounts on their print or digital copies of their books, such as This article on increasing board diversity from the Nonprofit Quarterly identifies two different tpes of inclusion: functional inclusion and social inclusion.Kleitsch's 11-year-old son, Jonah, sat next to him in the front row while his older boys roamed around the event center."For them this is a big show," he said, referring to his children.Sanders, an Independent, is vying for the Democratic nomination, while Trump, a real estate Tycoon from New York City, has surged in polls as the Republican front-runner.

The pair joined six other presidential candidates along with numerous politicians and celebrities for Monday’s forum at the Radisson in Manchester, New Hampshire.Other forum attendees remained undecided about which candidate to support.Lisa Alexander, an undeclared voter from Pelham, New Hampshire, said she’d consider voting for Trump, depending on whom he taps for his cabinet.“I think this is going to be an election that is largely based on competence.” Trump said voters want their country back, and the crowd responded with applause. “If you’re elected president, will I make the same as a man? “You’ll make the same if you do as good of a job,” he said.“And I happen to be pro-life.” Batchelder said Trump's response wasn’t the answer for which she'd hoped.This page compiles some resources and tips on making this process easier and more effective.