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I kept having to drop semesters of school for surgery.On top of this, I once had a temporary ileostomy before, and IThe bags themselves aren’t sexy, but they definitely aren’t ugly.

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It takes time for your mind to adjust and accept what has happened to you and your body; whether you can manage to even “fake” the confidence for a little while, it will become reality.And this reality is so much better than the fear and insecurity I used to feel.It’s not custom now to meet people randomly anymore.As I began dating, I left out my ostomy on the first date. If a second date emerged, I started telling people on the second date.They match my skin tone, so they don’t stand out too much.

So I decided I was going to “fake it ‘till I made it.” I wasn’t totally confident with showing off my bag, but I tried my hardest to make myself get used to it.He came often to the hospital to see me but I was so embarrassed.Mostly because of the weight I was losing and how sick I looked.I am 28 years old and have been single since I was 21 years old.I have dated throughout the years but never had a serious relationship since my early twenties. I dated a little bit with my illness but that was a challenging time.I was trying to manage my illness while dealing with self-esteem and chronic pain issues.