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Most importantly, the color guard of a marching band adds color to the performance, hence the name.

Color guards are important to marching band because they bring everything together.They help everyone understand the rhythm of the wind instruments, the taps of the drums and the various sounds of the instruments within the pit together. Our school is fabulous at not providing for the winter band activities - even though we are a couple of the very few teams who win anything - so we have to be in the same spot. firstly its complete crap that you got kicked out of the band room!! I've experienced this in 3 separate high schools and one drum corp. School #1-not only did one my co-drum captain date and then break the heart of one of the guard captains, but we had 4 guys that were dating guard girls but broke up with them as soon as the drum captain broke up with his girlfriend. But, in any case, they've learned not to date anyone in guard, since when they break up with our captain, we all automatically get mad at them. The only tension we have is in the fact that we have to share the gym during practice. I'm on gaurd and was dating a percussionist for a long time, and one of the other girls on gaurd is currently dating the percussion section head. We're at each other's throats constantly, yet tend to have inter-section relationships more often than not. which they were(thank goodness I was in pit and didn't have to deal with that crap. Because I was friends with the guard captains and didn't sever the ties with them just bc my co-drum captain and his groupies did so) The entire season there was constant bickering between the guard and battery. I took the same path I always take" Fun stuff School #2-no dating between the guard and battery. This doesn't really create tension, it just makes things awkward when the drumline and guard have to share the gym during indoor. There's actually more tension between the battery guys because they fight over the guard girls. Having been Drum-Captain for all four years has made this a difficult, yet fun, situation for me.

Add that to the fact that we were kicked out of the band room so it could become the wrestling room and the new band room won't be done 'till the end of February. anyway, our guard and perc, pretend hate each other. The guard always seems to not get along with the drumline(mainly the battery). that created tension because the guard girls felt like the battery guys were being stupid. me having been drum captain didn't make it nemore fun when we were having drumline meetings. The guard and drumline both did indoor and the drumline always go their asses handed to them while the guard won all the time. School #3-just about every battery guy likes,liked, or dated a guard girl at one point in time. and during outdoor because the guard and drumline were mostly on the same bus. There are the moments where the guard and battery get into mini-wars because 'so-and-so said this and this abt so-and-so and that's not very nice and he should apologize.' It's very interesting.

I am a proud cymbal player when we play for basketball games.

During fall season the guard and drumline have a friendly rivalry to see who is going to do better @ contests but during winterguard and indoor percission we love each other!

) and so on and so forthlike last year we had no chanc but 2 be friends 'cas in the show we had a dance yep yep boy this sux tarnodo waring for me Okay, so this is pretty rediculous.

Like, we only made colorguard an actual class this year (before it was after school) and we didnt at the time have enough people to just have it be us..its us and the drummers in a small music room and the only other place we can go is outside.

About a year ago we recieved a new Band Director and everything has changed.