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They are very concerned with deadlines and will push the team to make sure the job is completed on time.

They are described as perfectionists who are orderly, conscientious and anxious.

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Teams can become unbalanced if all team members have similar styles of behavior or team roles.

If team members have similar weaknesses, the team as a whole may tend to have that weakness.

The Shaper is the one who shakes things up to make sure that all possibilities are considered and that the team does not become complacent.

Shapers often see obstacles as exciting challenges and they tend to have the courage to push on when others feel like quitting.

Also, be aware that there are other approaches in use, some of which complement this model, some of which conflict with it.

By all means use this approach as a guide, however do not put too much reliance on it, and temper any conclusions with common sense.

Perhaps others are not quite flexible enough, so things "fall between the cracks." Maybe someone who is valued for their expert input fails to see the wider picture, and so misses out tasks or steps that others would expect.

Or perhaps one team member becomes frustrated because he or she disagrees with the approach of another team member.

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