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So, it's Valentine's Day, and what better time to check on the potential end date of your romantic relationship?Ronnie really cleared some things up for me and left me feeling positive and excited to get out there.”Please Note: if purchasing the e Book, your credit card statement will show “Clk*” as the vendor.If purchasing the Paperback or Audio book, your credit card statement for the paperback will read The Charmed Press. Ronnie Ann Ryan has written the ultimate Girl’s Guide to Dating.I promise that if you consistently use the methods outlined in my book for one year, you will turn your love life around and get hte help you need for finding Mr. This book is a must read if you’re back in the dating game.Fresh dating insights for contemporary women combined with a best friend’s wit and practical advice to attract a healthy relationship into your life.”This may be surprising to you, but not everyone will take advantage of this kind of program.The ability to attract a good mate is innate, basic biology, and your birthright as a woman.