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Case management applies automatically to cases involving category 2, 3 or 4 offences but does not automatically apply to cases involving only category 1 offences.

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If an application for a pre-trial admissibility hearing in judge-alone proceedings is granted at case review, the case will be adjourned to that pre-trial hearing and a judge-alone trial will be scheduled.

Cases requiring a protocol order under section 68 (that the trial is to be heard in a District Court or the High Court) or determination of an application made under section 70 (transfer to the High Court) will be adjourned to a next event in the District Court pending the order being made.

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Instead, unrepresented defendants will be given a notice by the Registrar stating the matters that the defendant may need to address at case review.

At the case review hearing, the court must deal with any matter that has been identified in the CMM.

This event may be a judge-alone trial (or pre-trial hearing) or jury trial, depending on the case.