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This shoe represents who we are.” said Maria Buccellati, president of the collaborative Faith Connexion brand — the hot Parisian ready-to-wear label that has been generating major attention among fashion insiders and amassed celebrity fans such as Beyoncé.Zanotti said the idea was to mix street style and glamour.

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Giuseppe Zanotti and Faith Connexion will reveal their first co-branded shoe tonight at Paris Fashion Week, FN can exclusively reveal.The black satin evening sandal, which features encrusted jewels, comes adorned with a leg warmer that gives it a streetwear edge and rock ‘n’ roll vibe.“Faith Connexion picked one of my signature heels, very feminine and refined, and then interpreted it in their way,” the designer said.“The result is very of-the-moment: it’s an evening shoe that can be worn both during the day and night — feminine and strong at the same time.” For the designers, teaming up was a natural step, Buccellati said during a walk-through of her fall ’18 collection in Paris last week. Buccellati, herself an avid shoe collector, said she has Zanotti shoes in her closet dating back 20 years.He seems like a lunatic and so am I so I like that, too.

The t says, “Ron Gallo Is The Shirt” and I thought that was clever.

“Our Collective has such an energy that is flowing all the time with ideas.

We had these images of “Flashdance” going through our head.

I'm either coming to your country [Australia], if you'll let me in, or Canada.” Suggested Canadian Destination: MONTREAL, QUEBEC Just an hour flight from the Great White Way, Montreal is famed for its sophisticated dining and fashion, as well as its underground shopping malls — just like the subterranean shopping center Streisand had installed in her Malibu home. It's like 10 minutes from Detroit and that's where I'm from.” Suggested Canadian Destination: WINDSOR, ONTARIO He is absolutely correct: Like Tijuana to San Diego, Windsor is just one mile from Motor City, right across the Detroit River and accessible by tunnel.

I already have my ticket.” Suggested Canadian Destination: HAMILTON, ONTARIO Before the hit Broadway musical, there was the sleepy steel town just waiting to get gentrified with some show-business sizzle.

In 2010 something amazing happened: The New Kids On The Block and The Backstreet Boys banded together to form NKOTBSB. Kevin was the only Backstreet Boy who wasn’t a part of it, but he was 40 at the time (roughly the same age as the New Kids) and doing Broadway and stuff.