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Bibi has been a pro-smoker since her tender-years she has started working with us;) she is VERY good at taking powerfull drags, and when it comes time for a good cigar, its no different, power dragin nice creamy exhales!

A woman smoking a cigar arrives at the Partagas factory in Havana for a visit during the ongoing annual Cuban cigar festival February 24, 2011. And Arthur says: Don't worry, Al will protect you from me. And so this is how I came to be a part of the gentlemen's group comprised of Willie, Billy, Rudy, Arthur, Al, and George. And because they think it is funny when I suggest it.

That's why, in general, cigars rarely to never appeal to anyone young, never the less women, he said. But for some women, like Sarah, an old colleague who has never smoked a cigar -- and who kindly mocked me for my constant puffing -- says they are unappealing for reasons more than soiled gloves. Why don't you just stick your mouth around an exhaust pipe, at least you don't have to pay for that, she says.

But you definitely have peaks and valleys of women cigar smokers. And let's not talk about how you smell, the mouth cancer you're promised to get and the yellow teeth.

I've just perched myself in one of the lounge's lion-armed chairs, newspaper in hand, when, from across the room, a man bellows, Rocky Patel; toro; 1992; a Nicaraguan blend. And, often, as Billy alluded, they see each other outside of the cigar lounge, deep friendships born around the same passion. (Al will continue to lament and laugh, to every other bloke who walks through the door, about how the Friars Club botched their St. How ya do that, I want to know.)But Al brings to focus a point that I've been long noticing: When it comes to cigar smokers, women are indeed the minority.

So on my next visit -- which happens to occur weekly -- I choose a Friday night, hoping to catch a woman to put this to, and I score.

So is it just that women are afraid of trespassing? But, he says, hypotheses abound about the apparent lack of interest in cigars among the softer sex. It's very safe to say less than 10 percent of the female population [smokes cigars], some would go as far to say only 5 percent. I'll let you choose which woman represents the peak.

The reason for that, he explains, is because cigars are a very specific subculture, part of a cultural movement representing a slower time, when simpler pleasures abounded. In an interesting tidbit of information, Figmond tells me that it has long been said that Catherine the Great, in an attempt to not sully her white gloves from the tobacco leaves, are the reason cigars now have bands.

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Nevertheless, numbers still support the fact that a cigar lounges' typical clientele is not women.