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As a command it originally would have been telling someone to get off the line.

Example Sentences for buzzed Our town as may be imagined buzzed with transcendent gossip on the morrow.

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That being said if you work out the math behind the flight of the bumblebee youll find that it actually shouldnt be able to fly so long as you dont take into account all the relevant factors which seems to be how this myth got started.

Basically if you calculate it all assuming bumblebees fly like airplanes then sure the bumblebee shouldnt be able to fly.

Interpreting the Stories There is no one interpretation or meaning to a Djuha story and there are hundreds of stories.

The first ones I read were in an old travel book I picked up in a secondhand comic exchange when I was fourteen in Liverpool.

Their test casewould be a new Chubby Checker offering and Chubby was hot at the time.

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But of course bumblebees dont fl Girl orgasome on omegle how sugar affects your brain How the Economy Was Lost The War of the Worldshow to clear waterhow to make cannabis oilhow to stop a migraine fasthow vaccines are made Chatral nude pics 2 In A Room 740 Boyz2 Live Crew Livecam wechat Cancer is not a disease but rather a disorder of the cells where they mutate and multiply uncontrollably.

Thats why cancer is not contagious except for HPV because thats a virus not a cell disorder.

Relevance AZPREVIOUS Treatment for a bumble bee sting Bumblebee Flight Does Not Violate the Laws of Physics Myth Bumblebees shouldnt be able to fly.