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In a Magical Girl Warrior series, Improbable Weapon Users are the most popular, but the Lady of War might have a glowy or jewel-studded sword.

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"We can do everything with The Power of Love Friendship" is another popular one, because it's especially powerful for females. For example.) Fairytale Motifs are commonly used in Magical Girl series, and for good reason - fairy tales are stories, often with a young girl as a major character and magic as a major element, with enough resonance to have endured for centuries.

With some shows, the connections to such tales are referenced ( is based on "The Snow Queen".

All three have their obvious perks, so it depends whether you prefer slice of life, celebrity life or saving the world as your type of Wish Fulfillment.

However, remember this: Does your heroine work alone, or in a group?

Don't just go by the Disney versions - add your own take on the stories, and do the research - you'll probably find at least a few stories that you hadn't heard of, but would make great motifs to include in your story.

While it's noted that the magical girl is , that doesn't mean your magical girl's motifs must be something cute and adorable.

So You Want To Write A Superhero Comic can also be useful (especially for Magical Girl Warriors), particularly the sections on rogues' galleries and team dynamics.

Are you doing a Cute Witch story, a Magic Idol Singer story or a Magical Girl Warrior story?

♥♥ For Kids, but throughout its history, it's seen a lot of changes, typical plots evolving from "a kindhearted Cute Witch does anonymous good deeds in order to pass her Magical Girl Queenliness Test" to "an elementary-school-aged dreamer uses an Older Alter Ego to become an Idol Singer" to "a group of Magical Girl Warriors fights off Demonic Invaders" — and the fun thing about it is that every single one of these plots remains viable for a story.

You can even mix and match them with each other or with other genres if you really feel like it. Of course, check out So You Want To Write A Story for all-purpose advice.

It could just look like a void with only those colours in it, but you can always add some variety by making it a fortress, a ruin, even an office building if you really want it to.