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More than half of surveyed users said they were fine with a partner who outearned them.

Some 52% said they’d be “very comfortable” if a partner made more than they did.

The remaining respondents either went with “somewhat important” (about 39%) or skipped the question (about 21%).

Concern about a prospective partner’s wealth varies by city.

Less than 1% said they’d be very uncomfortable in this situation.

Most respondents value career ambition in a partner.

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We will personally guide you along the rugged and spectacular coast of the West and the North-West of Ireland.Among the 50 metro areas with the highest numbers of Ok Cupid users, Tulsa, Oklahoma, had the highest percentage of people who professed that money and wealth weren’t important (48%) by far.Miami, New York, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles and Las Vegas tied for the highest percentage of users who said those things were “very important” (about 7%).We also happened to get everyone in the studio to join in a chorus of a lovely newly composed song by the great Pádraigín Ní Uallacháin, Fare Thee Well a Stór!So if you were just passing by and in the studio for a chat… Anna Ní Mhaonaigh, Mairéad’s sister, got caught as did a few other unsuspected visitors!Many Ok Cupid users say a match’s money isn’t that important to them.