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Jennifer Maria Capriati (born March 29, 1976) is an American former professional tennis player.

She was charged with cannabis possession in 1994 and spent time in a drug rehabilitation clinic before struggling to return to the game.

In 2010, she survived a prescription drug overdose.

A publicist for Capriati has dismissed as an "over-exaggeration" the facts in the police report based on Brannan's account.

Capriati was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame last year, but her career was overshadowed by personal problems, including incidents of shoplifting and drugs.

A police report said that while Brannan was working out, 36-year-old Capriati "started screaming" at him and punched him four times in the chest "with a closed fist."After a yoga instructor intervened, Brannan locked himself in the men's locker room and called emergency services.

He told police Capriati had been harassing him since they broke up in February 2012. The three-time Grand Slam champion, who won Olympic gold in Barcelona in 1992, has not been arrested.

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