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There are other people over me, but at least I am better than others—my position could be worse!

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Is it any wonder foreign countries try to take advantage of our obvious divisions caused, at its roots, by envy and this 21 Century form of the domination game?Can you hear the words of Jesus echoing through our country, “If a house is divided against itself, that house will not be able to stand”? It’s because he preaches a message that demands that the domination system that has enslaved all the people be torn down, not with sledge hammers and picks, or swords and catapults, but with love for each other.Eventually this results in a few people in power holding all the wealth, and most of the people living as tenant farmers by the time of the Babylonian captivity—a divided society that can not stand. Didn’t we just hear about a house divided against itself somewhere??As I was praying about this I couldn’t help thinking of our own society today.They helped build the greatest society the world has ever known! We have political parties that yell slogans at each other, not as a means to solve problems, but in an effort to fundraise in order to insure their re-election.

One side creates an out of their own candidate, while demonizing their opponent, while the other party does the same thing in reverse. How often over the years have we heard stories of fans of one sports team assaulting or killing fans of another?Does demonizing the other, while idolizing the self, have anything to do with being in a loving community, or with being a Christian?We have become so fixated on separating people between Winners and Losers—Us versus Them—Me against you!In our Gospel reading today Jesus’ family shows up and wants to take him home because they think he is crazy! Jesus asks people to step out of those self-created safety zones and walk over to embrace those who have been cast out.Jesus preaches this radical message of living in a loving community, calling people to embrace and care for all of the people around them.I have the power to love every person I encounter—all of you, and all of those people out there, because all of us and them are sons and daughters of the Living, Loving God.