Bulk updating

RBAC group permissions assigned in the Audience Manager UI are honored in the Bulk Management Tools.

Step 3: In the box below, select the actions that you want to perform on the cases.Step 4: Select either “Update” if you don’t yet want to send out a response to the customers, or Update & Send when you’re ready to send the response.With this you can perform multiple actions, like adding labels and sending a quick reply, to multiple cases with just a few steps.Note: Bulk updates are limited to 5000 records at once during normal business hours.Note: This is an article that references the Classic Agent console.

There is a Next Generation version of this article available. enables you to reply to multiple cases at once using our "bulk update" feature.Before we start, there are a few items we need to check off to make sure we can take advantage of this functionality. You should create a list view that is filtered to contain the records that you want to update.If your organization uses record types, you must explicitly ensure that only one record type is available in the list view by specifying a filter of “Record Type equals X”.When you make changes to Rulesets or product price, this does not apply to existing subscribers and instead only affects new subscribers.To have these changes update for your existing subscribers, Re Charge will need to be contacted in order to manually update this data. If you need to perform an update for many customers, you may find it easier to do this in Excel rather than manually updating each customer record in the application.1. It is recommended you include one.mobile: A mobile phone number is required for SMSlocation_id: It is not recommended you modify this.business_name: If the customer has a business, or if this is a business account, include the business name herecreated_at: System driven.