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Many of the remaining strikers and sympathizers now have a bigger political agenda on corruption charges.The Brazilian people are deeply unhappy with their government and the strikes are becoming internationally visible evidence of their desire for change."Winter is always the best season to watch the fruit eaters as food in the forest is scarce, while spring and summer are the best time to see the hummingbirds." The hope is that these cameras will provide a chance for people who may not have access to these areas to enjoy the wildlife. In the future they may be able to see interesting behaviors," Burton said. Breves himself is online every Tuesday to answer viewer questions.

The further weakening of Brazil’s tentative grasp on democracy is something about which the larger international community should care deeply.While the status quo is deeply flawed and deeply inequitable, the nostalgia for the military dictatorship is misplaced.Those watching will likely be impressed by the wide variety of rainforest inhabitants that stop by the feeding platforms.The WLT also has guides set up on their website that enable viewers to identify which species they see at each camera.The execution of Marielle has sparked in support of an investigation and of her social reform agenda more generally.

It is too early to predict which side is likelier to prevail, but those interested in human rights need to start paying closer attention.Why is there such nostalgia for the military dictatorship and calls for its returns?A lack of economic growth and deepening economic inequality are certainly .These strikes obviously matter a great deal to those in Brazil, and I argue they ought to matter to us as well.In the short term, they significantly affect the daily life of Brazilians.The WLT is currently looking for sponsors so they can set up more.