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The head of this monster weighed 5 kilograms [about 11 pounds]. The calf, born dead but fully developed, had the head and torso of a human being.

Both forefeet, however, were exactly like a pig’s [having four digits? The monster had only the hind feet and tail of a calf. This article cites reports of cow-human hybrids of natural, that is, sexual, origin.

Caution: This cross is so distant that, despite the plethora of evidence cited on this webpage, no firm conclusions should be drawn as to the feasibility of this cross without final genetic confirmation from an actual specimen.

The translated title of the article is “A Description of a Monstrous Creature Birthed by a Cow in the Town of Wagendrüssel in the Hungarian County of Zipser.” bought — at least so he claims — a pregnant cow from a certain Johann Krall of Stellbach.On the 25th of the following month, in the afternoon, the beast was having difficulty giving birth and both the owner and his wife were assisting.The head is large, and looks quite similar to a human being’s.From the superior portion of the frontal bone across the face to the chin, it measures ten inches [~25cm, that is, about the same measurement as in an adult human being].The following is the complete article, quoted in translation, originally written in German by Dr.

David Schreter, an Austro-Hungarian general practitioner who claimed to have examined the specimen himself.

The face is smooth and hairless, the eyes a beautiful blue, and the eyebrows a dark brown. Ramsey, replies to a question asked by another physician in a previous issue of the Brief, who wished to know whether there were any well-authenticated cases of a human being impregnating an animal or vice versa: , page 704, I desire to say that I have full notes of a most remarkable hybrid I dissected.

The tip of the nose is flattened, with the nostrils distanced from each other by a septum thicker than that seen in human beings. The whole body and limbs were covered with hair, cow hair; round smooth head; tongue of man and some teeth; round neck; no dewlap; genitals resembling those of woman; no legs below knees [stump limbs are fairly common in distant hybrids].

There is a naked eight-inch tail, about half an inch in diameter. Between the hind legs is an udder, and some of the umbilical cord remains attached. With its human head and four hoofed feet, the hybrid just described is like the more ancient bull-man deities of Mesopotamian culture (see images of Mesopotamian bull-men below). Bull-men, cylinder seal impression (Neo-Assyrian, ca. The calf weighed about 30 pounds and had no hair, except a slight beard on the face. An affidavit signed by many well-known people of Lunenburg, states they saw the freak just after it was born and that it is unquestionably genuine.

The upper portion of each of the four extremities is naked, as is the general surface of the torso, but the lower portions are covered with glossy brown hair. The fact that the birth of this creature actually took place is witnessed by the entire municipal authority of Wagendrüssel and nearly all of the inhabitants of the town, as well as by the members of the committee set up by the County of Zipser to investigate the matter. Sumerian representation of a man embracing two cow-human hybrids. It has been called to the attention of the medical authorities of Harvard and they state that such a thing was never known before and will revolutionize medicine. Thomas, who has had the specimen put in a chemical preservative, says its father was without doubt a human. In many respects it resembled a baby although it weighed about 60 pounds. And a report about a similar case, originally published in the Cincinnati Times-Star, appears in the Daily Public Ledger Jul 11, 1912, p. 3), a Maysville, Kentucky, newspaper: What is considered one of the greatest freaks of nature ever seen in Cincinnati was brought from Ashland Ky., Wednesday, by Dr. The freak has the body of a calf but the face of a human being.

But there are also reports—many of which are quoted below—alleging that actual hybrids of this sort have been birthed, both by cows and by women.