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He also directly wrote several of the bonus products included in the program, of which there are a whopping 13 of.

The bulk of the program consists of 7 filmed interviews with Adam Lyons, with Brooke Shedd as the interviewer.

" and pound their fist on a metaphorical PUA table.

Adam Lyons, formerly known as AFC ADAM, has been part of the London seduction community for over a decade, first blasting onto the scene as the star coach of PUA Training, and later forming his own mega successful company Attraction Explained.The Return of Badass was co-written by both Jushua and Adam, and represents the first time the two master seducers have joined forces to release anything, let alone a full scale dating product.Yo, Frame control is a really important and misunderstood topic on bootcamps, so I want to quickly post the basics of controlling the frame during a pick up.The frame refers to the underlying meaning of the interaction.The Return of Badass is a much more mature, wise program than its predecessor, having aged and matured right along with its authors.

The program looks to put tricks and gambits aside and look at intentions, and deeper base level change.

There are many frames that can be set, depending on what you're trying to accomplish, but the overall idea is that we're trying to get the woman we're attracted to, to accept a helpful frame. This is my favorite piece of advice, because every dating coach you'll meet, will tell you not to qualify yourself, before pulling out their digita cameras and asking you what you think the last girl they had sex with was on a 1-10 scale. This doesn't mean you should be rude and cut girls off, but you do need to try to get the coversation on to topics that will make you look good.

In general there are three basic ways to control the frame during the BEGINNING of an interaction. For the purpose of this discussion, we'll define qualification as anything you do that is obviously an attempt to influence the girl's opinion about you in a positive way. You want to avoid this and instead ignore or agree with anything negative that comes your way. For example, the only girls who share my musical taste live in the hood. Congruence tests happen when a girl is starting to get attracted to you, but she still isn't sure if you're actually cool. Women don't tend to test men they are not attracted to.

The Return of Badass is unique in that has chosen this interview style as apposed to the standard filmed conference convention style that we see in so many other products.

Though some may fault that this style comes off less prepared, there is a certain flow to this program that I have not seen achieved in any other.

When you're talking to a girl one of the two of you is going to set the underlying meaning of the interaction.