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The only way to bust him is to break the cycle and say that you’re looking for a real relationship.If he steps up to the plate, you have your relationship. And if you determine that you’re actually okay with the arrangement, that’s cool, too.Since you are just a booty call though, he might have 5 other women he sleeps with. But if you are in the mood you can also initiate the call as well.

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Instead of texting your group chat of all your girlfriends, and tearing apart every word or look he's ever given you, just stay observant of his bold indications.To save many of you the pain of finding out you're not his number one, listen to these simple booty-call warnings: If you matter to him, he'll want to show you off.So what is it with guys who just want you to come over and don’t ask to take you out? Booty calls are great, but only if both people are on board.What is it really – if they have tons of money, it’s not affordability…Laziness? are they like that with all girls, or just ones with SLUT written on their forehead? If not, somebody’s getting hurt, and it’s most often the woman.” text from a guy you were seeing, sorta seeing or would like to be seeing.

Not only is it a poorly veiled request for a hookup, but it’s also disrespectful as hell and you deserve more.

And while we can’t hold him blameless – there’s no gun to his head, forcing him to sleep with you – you have to take responsibility for allowing him to come over and not take you out. I can’t come up with a better term for it, so we’ll stick with that, for now.

Why did you go over her house with a bottle of wine and no intention of taking her out? The problem is, “because I can” puts the full onus on the guy.

It may seem cool to be able to separate your emotions and have a meaningless fling, but you have be aware of your booty-call status, in order to put up your own wall.

If not, you’ll probably have the wind knocked out of you when he tells you he found his real bae.

It’s one thing to say you’re okay with it when he’s calling you every day, and totally another to realize how easily forgotten you are. Do you have training in psychology, or is this just your common sense?