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This is the biggest independent bookstore in Oslo and rather than centring around a specific theme it offers everything from children’s literature to coffee table books books on art and music.The store has a great selection of books in English and ample seating space so you can kick back and relax while browsing the tomes on offer.

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It’s very small, but it boasts a well-curated selection of rarities and signed first editions from the likes of Burroughs and Bukowski.The books are in Norwegian and English, although you won’t find any of the newest bestsellers here, and you can forget about – a homage to the obsolete encyclopaedia – with entries written by famous people, including Jarvis Cocker.But instead of diving directly into the Pulitzer-winning “Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay,” try his shorter, very funny debut, “The Mysteries of Pittsburgh,” which is a story about young adulthood that may connect you to your own.My next piece of advice is more practical than literary: Be prepared.Wergelandsveien 29 Book lovers will undoubtedly find their way into at least one public library on their way around Oslo.

The Deichmanske library has many branches across the city, but if you have time only for one, then head to the main building in the city centre while it’s still there – the construction work has started for a new library at the port area, due to open in 2020.I have never found a contemporary writer with Roth or Updike’s insight or humor. Dear Noah, There is nothing like luxuriating in a long novel to soothe the jittery feeling that comes from reading too many tweets.It probably doesn’t help that I haven’t really been looking. But if life’s distractions are keeping you from finishing a doorstopper, why not start short and build your endurance?Rather than those fancy soulless libraries, this one is like an old book, a bit dusty and shabby, but with plenty of heart.I live in Arizona and own a small ad agency that works for nonprofit organizations.Conveniently close to the National Theatre, the surprisingly modern looking store started out promoting leftist ideologies and their selection of books nowadays still reflects that history – as special attention is given to books focusing on pressing social issues, from race relations to globalisation.