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Now that you know the basics of body language and how it reveals our emotional state, try practicing by sitting down at a cafe or CBD (Central Business District) and observe people interact, or else watch politicians on the news or analyze actors playing roles…you’ll notice the most successful actors are the ones who use the right body language to express the emotion presented in that scene of the film.

From reading the body language of a happy couple and starting at the head the next step would be the touch between the couple.

Happy couples will be more willing to touch their partner in a soft way.

Many have claimed our physical gestures are learned through environmental mimicking while others say we are inborn with it, an example of this being the ‘No’ side-to-side head movement used by babies when they are full and don’t want to continue breastfeeding or eating their pudding.

Through the observation of different cultures from around the world (sharing identical non-verbal communication), blind people (they can’t see therefore cannot imitate others) and our closest anthropological relatives, apes, and monkeys, Mehrabian has come to the conclusion that all play a role in our unconscious physical gestures.

Women can be seen in pictures placing their hand on their partners chest or shoulder.

If there is a hug involved the bodies will be close to each other and it will appear from looking that there is comfort and the smiles will be real.

Body language, however, is extremely useful for us less socially adept in day to day life.

Apart from being more successful at life in general (since the whole world is run by people all with hidden thoughts and agendas), deciphering body language can help you to socialize by helping you to appear friendly or affable, to learning love interest signs and flirtations when dating.

There are certain rules you must follow in order to understand what is being said properly, the three main ones you should remember are these:4,000 years ago ancient Egyptians believed that women’s facial lips developed proportionately to their outer genital lips (vulva) during puberty.

When women are sexually aroused their genital lips flush with the blood rushing to that area and turning red, so the Egyptian women invented lipstick as a way to alert men when an adolescent female was sexually mature. C, Greek playwright Aristophanes wrote a play called “The Clouds” in which Socrates and Strepsiades had different roles – Strepsiades had to show Socrates his “middle finger” which was a direct symbolism of the penis and testicles used as an insult of sexual inferiority in an attempt to say “My wiener is much bigger than yours…”, (this is where the “flipping the bird” gesture originated)…

Based on the brain hemispheres, you can also appeal to a persons emotional, humorous or serious side depending on where you stand in contrast to them and what direction their eyes are facing…standing to their left affects their sensitive side for example to tell a sad story while standing to their right will appeal to their humorous side.