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What you need to do is install a keylogger on your system and then activate it (it is active if it shows on the system tray), then somehow convince your victim to logon to the account you want 2 hack from your system(i.e the system where u installed the keylogger) and if he does u r done.

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I know where 2 dwn this keylogger from, but i dont know where the dollars they r askin for it will come ( ya p2p may work, but i'm too handicapped wit my gprs net connection.)OR Wait, i Think i've just found a site that actually gives us a trial version f d Ghost keylogger ( i just googled "free ghost keylogger, after the above paragraph, thts y i stroked), i hvnt dwned it yet, so i dont hv ne reviews of it, besides reviews in that site suggect Trojan horse with d dwnload, so b careful, dwn @ ur own risk.

anways i give u d link here, i mean its actually here ;-)For all the ethical eyes frowning out @ me there, i tell u guys- hisam was just telling em how actually not to fall in the trap of keylogger hacking, though a bit twisted.............

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Pronunciation[hisam-uh-nom-iks] –noun 1.(used with a sing. verb) The social science that deals with the way hisam thinks(i.e whenever he does).

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