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"They were cheering for Cody as he approached Kelly Kelly for a hug in 30 seconds.

The rest of The Legacy and Maryse were counting and still they don't break the hug.

They are excited to talk about Wrestle Mania weekend, where they also filmed scenes for Season 2 of their WWE Network show.

Edge adds that he also meant so much to the locker room, as he was their leader.Both men acknowledge that the last time Wrestle Mania was in Orlando, Edge faced The Undertaker in the Main Event.They consider themselves free agents that linger around like a fungus, or with respect to Owen Hart, nuggets.They then term themselves , and commentate on how successful teams have been when you add “New” to the title, using The New Midnight Express, New Rockers, & New Foundation as examples.They were very happy that they left the ring together and went backstage where Randy, Ted and Maryse are waiting for them."Congratulations! " Kelly Kelly and Cody said together."You're so sweet Cody." Randy said. Its just that I'm happy that she and I won the match." Cody replied. He remembered his memories with Stacy and that she is the most important girl in his life."YES... After the game they continued to chat about Cody and Kelly Kelly's supposed romance."So what's the status of your relationship now with Kelly Kelly?

"You kissed Kelly Kelly on the cheek, are you really hinting something! "And I have seen her improvements all through the years.""Really?! " Randy continued to tease them."Hey let's just go to the lockeroom and play truth or dare." Cody suggested."That would be awesome! They started to play truth or dare, with Randy as the one who will ask questions."Okay now I ask Maryse, truth or dare? " Ted asked his fellow The Legacy member."To be honest, we are MORE than friends but LESS than lovers." Cody replied."LESS THAN LOVERS?! "How come you can be less than lovers if you act like lovers?! " Ted asked, because Cody said that Kelly Kelly is his."What I meant is we will go to the ring together, and we will leave the ring together." Cody's excused so that his secret feelings for Kelly Kelly will not be revealed. " Cody encouraged Kelly Kelly."I know as long as we are always there for each other we can overcome them." Kelly Kelly smiled and held Cody's hand. and thanks for those who are reading my will surely help me a lot..."Are you hinting something Cody?! Don't worry because Kane should not mess with you or else I will beat him!Their opponents came out as Cody's entrance music played and faced each other before the match. At first Kane is taking advantage of Cody hitting him many times. They continued to hit each other until they were down on the ring.They tried their best to tagged in to Kelly Kelly and Beth.Meanwhile Kane's entrance music played and Beth joined him.