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On the back you’ve got that optical heart rate (HR) sensor: While the front you’ve got the screen, surrounded by a black border.

On both sides you’ve got buttons, three on the right, and two on the left.

flights of stairs), this is largely because it doesn’t have a barometric altimeter, which is usually required to track stairs. You don’t need to do anything except wear it to sleep each night – simple as that. Note that in my case the stats page may look slightly different than yours.

Ok, with that out of the way, let’s dive into how it all works.

As noted earlier, there are a bunch of changes to the M430 compared to the M400, so it’s worthwhile diving into those first to ensure everyone is on the same page.

It’s similar to what Fitbit, Garmin, and others do to get you moving, though not quite as regularly as those companies do.

With Fitbit and Garmin, it’s super-predictable, but with Polar I seem to rarely get stamped. In addition to daily stats, you can also get weekly and monthly stats as well: Note that the M430 does not track stairs (i.e.

If you find this review useful, hit up the links at the bottom to help support future reviews! That previous micro-USB cable/port, while very much standardized, was a bit of a nightmare for Polar on the M400 when it came to how well it stood up on waterproofing over time, causing tons of support issues. Whatever word you’d use for dropping a gallon container of frozen juice on your balls. The problem with most standardized port designs is that they aren’t great for waterproofing because they tend to attract corrosion into small parts.

Whereas charging port designs that are made with waterproofing in mind usually last much longer.But I’m going to defer all that to the next section on sport usage.Before we head there though, let’s chat about how activity tracking works on the app Sure, I already showed the daily step totals within the watch, but let’s look at how they show up on the app. It shows you an overview of your day, complete with activity levels throughout the day.While Polar did send me the M430 as a loaner unit to test, I’ll be returning it like always.From there I’ll go out and get my own for the DCR stash from normal retail channels. It should be noted there are a few colors to choose from – white, black, and orange. It also makes it really easy to spot the watch in photos or on people’s wrists 300m away. Inside the box you’ll find precisely three things: The watch, the charging cable, and some little papers: The charging cable is new on the M430, replacing the micro-USB variant that was on the M400.In any case, it’s new here: The other side is simply normal USB that you can plug into any USB port you find (except USB-C of course).