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One of the big things I love about the Desire System is the fresh direction Dr.

David takes to address the age-old problems most guys face when it comes to dating and interacting with women.

In saying that, David does spend time breaking it all down and explaining the principles behind the methods he teaches in the course. If I can understand it, follow it, and implement it, then rest assured you can too.

Everything is explained in a methodical way and broken down in easy-to-remember chunks of information.

You can easily apply what you’ve learned to the first woman you come across after walking away from the course.

If you aren’t familiar with the Girlfriend Activation System, read my GFAS review right here.

In my opinion, it’s the top method out there right now for turning a girl you like into a long-term girlfriend. The course itself is divided into ten separate video modules.

David addresses the many obstacles guys encounter when it comes to approaching women, connecting with them emotionally, building sexual tension, and then acting on it. His academic career spans a wide range of disciplines including psychology, philosophy, biology, neuroscience, sociology, and behavioral sciences. D., along with fellowships and awards from a range of top Universities and institutions across the globe.

Having spent a lot of time working through the Desire System and learning the ins and outs of the course, I’m confident this is a program a lot of guys will get seriously great results from. But he’s also right up there with the top seducers in the world, when it comes to approaching and creating sexual tension with women. Besides being incredibly intelligent, David also has an extreme passion for women which eventually tore him away from being a tenured Professor and led to the creation of his “Aura Dating Academy” – the biggest dating academy in Asia. David’s background is fascinating, and from the way he presents his Desire system material, it’s obvious he is one smart dude who knows what he’s talking about. yourself to understand how to use his techniques to attract women.

In the Desire System, Jason provides some of the best tips I’ve ever come across for building and mastering sexual tension.

One of the biggest concepts I learned from Jason is that desire and attraction make a woman want you, but sexual tension makes a woman want you NOW.

Or been around a woman you really desire only to blow it because of nerves, saying something stupid, or being completely awkward to the point it becomes painfully obvious she’s not at all interested? Every guy wants to get his dating life handled and if you’re not currently getting the results you want with women, it’s time to try something new.

If I had to guess, I’d say just about every guy who has ever tried his hand at dating has found himself in a similar situation at some point in his life. If you’re looking for a different approach that’s not only effective, but also offers some killer tips and techniques to dramatically improve your dating skills and success with women, then you need to stop what you’re doing right now and take a look at Dr. I’ll go over the details of the program in a second, but let me just say there’s a lot to like about the way Dr. David Tian is the creator of the Desire System, and he comes from a very impressive academic background.

Ever found yourself interested in an incredibly gorgeous girl, but don’t know if she feels the same way?