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Some time ago I had the privilege of introducing a new lover to pegging. That vulnerability makes me want to gather him in my arms and fuck him sweetly and continuously until he comes with cries of passion. I can change the angle of my toy just a bit and know it's driving him crazy with pleasure. I mean, as taboo thrills go - fucking a man in the ass with a strap-on dildo is like the Dubai Tower of illicit sex thrills for me. Sadly, asses suffer from widespread discrimination. People who are happy to dress up their derrière in sexy articles of clothing designed to attract widespread attention...would never think of undressing that ass and actually taking it for a drive to see what it can do! If you are a man who likes pegging, clearly you must be gay..if you are a woman who likes pegging, you wish you were a man.


Proseguire sino a ché non diventa carreggiata e scendere in direzione del Rio Bignami. So what is it exactly that turns my crank when I don a strap-on and peg my guy? The Pleasure Principle More than any other reason, I love to peg a man because it brings him so much pleasure. I love to see a man purely receptive and a rare and beautiful sight. I can tease him..pound him...until he begs for release or respite. Above and beyond the ass itself, a lot people have judgments about pegging, from both sides of the dildo.Open up, Baby There is a vulnerability that is necessary for a man to be penetrated. Sometimes I think that I gravitate towards kinkier stuff because there is a part of me that resists anyone telling me what I should or shouldn't do, most especially in the realm of sexual exploration. *steps off soapbox* Deliciously Dissident Flouting intolerant opinions is a hobby of mine.Giacomo con Museo del Castagno Borgo cinquecentesco di Dragodena Resti castello Montetortore Borgo di Montalto Vecchio e chiesa di S.

Giorgio Dove si imbocca Dal centro di Montombraro imboccare via Serre.

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Ok I don't know if this will be to anyone's liking or not but I saw some others simular to this and figured why not post it too. Then she saw the man of her dreams emerging from his coffin? Format files: mp3 Size archives: 29 mb Duration: 128 min. If you're adverse to a fictional erotic story containing incest and filthy dirty talk, don't download it!

DAISUKI DAKARA FERA SURUYO 4 Format file: mp3 Size archive: 38 mb Duration: 43 min. Etienne Argeneau 300 years of bachelorhood were at an end. He could only turn one human in his lifetime, and most of his kind created a life mate. I'm going to start uploading my long collected archive bit by bit, and I'd love feedback! It's August and I totally forgot to post the sexsounds from Advent Calendar 2012. I think she sounds very sexy and cute but that's just MHO. Format file: mp3 Size archives: 8 mb Duration: 10 min.

The gorgeous little blonde girl was criminally young, but that had not prevented the NYC sadists from abusing her and using her for all she was worth.

She had been bound right there on the stage of the sex club, bound in a horribly contorted position, and she had whipped until she could no longer hold in her screams. There was a brand on her right buttock, a brand burned right into her flesh by her master. Now she was going to be used by three well-hung studs at the same time.