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The results are generated under experimental conditions, and in practice a share of the residues is left on site, decreasing the nutrient loss. ALS penetration rate calculated from first echoes and from first and last echoes was strongly related to field estimates of LAI(e).

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Early autumn planting may increase seedling growth and reduce seedling mortality due to pine weevils (Poster). dating vedlegg lidelse Whole-tree harvest (WTH), i.e. First winter mortality accounted for approximately two thirds of the accumulated mortality, regardless of the harvest treatment and site preparation method. Similarly, within the return, fraction, and type categories, the variables were grouped according to if they originated from first or last return echoes; if they originated from lower, middle, or upper fraction of the range of laser heights or values derived from the full range of laser pulses, and if they were canopy height or canopy density metrics. Altogether, 5% of seedlings sustained frost heaving damage on the LF horizon, compared with 20% on the Ae horizon and 45% on the B horizon. Using airborne small-footprint laser scanner to assess the quatity of seedlings in an uneven-aged spruce forest. Effects of whole-tree harvesting and stem-only harvesting on plant biodiversity in Norwegian spruce forest sites. Managing Forests to Promote Environmental Services: Climate change adaptation and mitigation, water protection, biodiversity conservation, and soil quality maintenance, University of Copenhagen. This was the case even when we simulated LAI-2000 measurements based on the HI data. On average, mortality from 1st to 2nd fall reached 38% and 27% after inverting and patch scarification, respectively. Each laser variable was then associated with four categories. Within the scale category, laser variables were grouped according to the spatial scale from which they originated. The three experimental sites were located in multistoried Pinus sylvestris L. abies forests on sandy loam or silt loam in southeastern Norway. The aim of our study was to examine the effect of coordinating scarification towards an expected seed-fall, by studying germination and seedling establishment in scarified patches of different age (fresh, one- and two-year-old). 24th European Biomass Conference & Exhibition, RAI Amsterdam Exhibition and Convention Centre, Amsterdam. However, seedling establishment is often hampered by rapid regrowth of competing vegetation in scarified patches. Short-term effects of wood ash return to forest (Poster). At the SE Norway site, the percent of seedlings damaged by pine weevils and average debarked area were significantly higher after WTH (82% and 3.3 cm2) compared to SOH (62% and 1.7 cm2). Insecticide treatment decreased the number of seedlings killed or severely damaged in both Norway and Sweden. I., Nordbakken, J., Lange, H., Røsberg, I., Kjønaas, O.

We conclude that WTH may lead to spatial differences in establishment conditions. The effect was present more or less immediately after thinning, and was still present after 25 years. In 20, ALS data and field estimates of LAI(e) were acquired in a Norway spruce forest in SE Norway. Results after 25 years showed that whole-tree thinning lead to a decrease in forest growth. Mapping LAI in a Norway spruce forest using airborne laser scanning. doi: 10.1016/20 beste indiske dating app gratis In this study we demonstrate how airborne laser scanning (ALS) can be applied to map effective leaf area index (LAI(e)) in a spruce forest, after being calibrated with ground based measurements. Germination and seedling establishment of Norway spruce (Picea abies) after clear-cutting is affected by timing of soil scarification. doi: 10.1007/s11056-017-9616-2 dating en mann som er skadet gods Natural regeneration of Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.) is a relatively common practice in Norway on medium to low site indices. Effec ts of WTH and SOH on ground vegetation biodiversity and cover are presented. I., Nordbakken, J., Lange, H., Røsberg, I., Kjønaas, O. It was demonstrated that airborne laser was able to detect defoliation in terms of estimated changes in LAI, by three repeated laser data acquisitions over the area where severe insect attacks were going on in between the acquisitions. We also compared two planting environments within the WTH plots (WTH-0: areas with no residues, WTH-1: areas where residue piles had been placed and removed before planting). We investigated the effect of planting time and insecticide treatment on pine weevil damage and seedling growth. Short- and long-term ecological consequences of removal of harvesting residues for bioenergy from forests in Norway. Few of the registered field variables were correlated to the degree of damage, but there was a tendency towards higher mortality at the largest clear cuts, in hilly areas, and for dry soil types. (eds.) Forest management and silviculture in the North - balancing future needs. justin bieber dating spill 2012 The use of logging residues for bioenergy is encouraged in many countries, due to an increasing demand for renewable energy.