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We drove home in silence, and Chris remained silent even after we arrived home.

I saw to the supper for all of us, which made me even more unhappy and resentful.

Eventually I rang Chris at work, and to my astonishment he was still there long after I should have been collected.

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It can also be dangerous, because the energy and focus necessary to sort things out when in an emotional state can also cause someone to be injured due to a reduced awareness of the physical world around them.In that state, a person could walk unaware into a dangerous area of town, walk out in front of a moving vehicle, or trip or fall.Chris arrived, and I hoped for an apology and some concern for how I felt physically and emotionally, but far from it.He seemed cross and I became more and more cross myself." The indicators that should have told him that the teasing was not OK, worked at such a slow pace, that his own delayed response becomes further feed for the bully, who sees it as a sign of weakness and/or stupidity.

Typically, it garners a laugh from the TV or movie audience, too.

Chris was supposed to pick me up in the afternoon from hospital after a minor operation for which I had had a general anaesthetic. Not only was I upset, but I grew increasingly embarrassed, as the nurse kept returning to see if I had at last been picked up.

Taking a taxi was not an alternative, because the hospital was insistent that I be accompanied on the journey home by a friend or relative.

He has subsequently said that saying sorry in such a situation is hopelessly inadequate, when of course saying nothing is so much worse.

And I know that, for me, a genuine 'Sorry' and gesture of affection goes a very long way.

The inefficient processing of emotion can be very draining - as the emotion temporarily takes over it can impede awareness and rational thought.