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Love life of celebrities is sometimes more interesting and more intriguing than their own works.

Chace Crawford sure is no exception to this equation, every single woman is interested weather Chace Crawford is single or not.

She has yet to make an official statement about the [email protected] @juleshough #empoweress #luncheon #girlpower,” Ashley wrote on Instagram.“A beautiful day celebrating women supporting women.I am so grateful to have ladies like you in my life. PU-u5zx36l E-Ye Ig5EUaox4Od Y/fit-in/2048xorig/filters:format_auto-!! -/2010/02/05/0/192/1922398/FNP_EW_0053459/i/Blake-Lively-Bikini-Photos-Miami-Penn-Badgley-Chace-Crawford.jpg DOni8i Xs2No4lk8HI9FPw_48=/fit-in/2048xorig/2010/02/05/0/192/1922398/FNP_EW_0053456/i/Blake-Lively-Bikini-Photos-Miami-Penn-Badgley-Chace-Crawford.jpg Zj8h Vi EJGo1T5IVv BHTagt Vk5U/fit-in/2048xorig/filters:format_auto-!! -/2010/02/05/0/192/1922398/FNP_EW_0053457/i/Blake-Lively-Bikini-Photos-Miami-Penn-Badgley-Chace-Crawford.jpg TYx Wq Lw P_6q5b Jj93Xi KXg/fit-in/2048xorig/filters:format_auto-!! -/2010/05/21/0/192/1922398/spl183983_023wtmk/i/Pictures-Chace-Crawford-Shirtless-Mexico-Tony-Romo.jpg URPt37rmxn Qmu PAYO8Kd T8/fit-in/2048xorig/filters:format_auto-!! Gossip Girl creator Josh Safran is speaking endgame here!! most of the time he likes to tease, and perhaps he still is here, but what he has to say about the end of the series is inneresting.

We at least get to know there's still time for things to move around!

However, Chace was not alone and lonely for much time, soon Chace Crawford was seen kissing other women, one of which was his co-star Tylor Momsen.

Tylor and Chace Crawfrod was spotted sharing a kiss at some party, and this magic moment soon appeared on tabloids.

She explains to has made her want more babies, being in the film had the exact OPPOSITE effect for one of her co-stars… And while his character learns what it’s like to accidentally get a girl knocked up, the seksi actor admits that Tags: birth control safe sex, celebrity moms, chase crawford, jennifer lopez, pregnancy, what to expect when expecting contestant Alyce Crawford (no relation!

), who has been linked to Leonardo Di Caprio in the past!

The two were introduced while Chace was in Australia this past weekend by their mutual friend Noah Tepperberg and quickly became infatuated with each other!