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He is married with two children and lives on the south coast.

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Even though the combined effective rate for shareholders on distributed income (corporate income tax rates plus dividend withholding rates on the after tax profit) will be close to the prior 35% rate, this change is aimed at promoting the reinvestment of profits.Additionally, the Law repeals the “equalization tax” (i.e., 35% withholding applicable to dividends distributed in excess of the accumulated taxable income) for income accrued from 1 January 2018.The Law eliminates the 2:1 debt-to-equity ratio and establishes a new limit for the deduction of interest arising from financial loans.The limit equals 30% of earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) or a certain amount to be determined by the Executive Power, whichever is higher.NSK is a global manufacturer of ball and roller bearings, linear motion technology, automotive components and steering systems with both domestic and overseas manufacturing capabilities.

NSK also offers a full range of services including reconditioning, ball screw repair, product integration, application engineering and predictive & preventive maintenance and reliability services.

He said: "We were putting sniper fire through the Guerrico's bridge so they didn't know where they were going.

It was the first time in history anything like that had been done."At the same time they were landing troops from two or three other ships and we were outnumbered 50-1, or 100-1 if you count everyone on their ships."It was like Rorke's Drift, except the enemy was well armed."At the end our escape route had been cut off and one of us had been hit in the arm.

The response came back: "When asked to surrender you are not to do so."They set about booby-trapping the shore and fashioning a bomb beneath the jetty that was packed with nuts, bolts and harpoon heads, posing in front of it for one last picture just 30 seconds before they heard the first Argentinian helicopter approaching.

Using just small arms fire, the men who were later nicknamed Mills' Marauders shot down the Puma gunship as it attempted to land.

Holed beneath the water line, its Exocet launchers and front gun destroyed, the listing ship limped away from the island.