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Her version of The Apprentice, which aired six months after she was sprung from home confinement, failed after only 13 weeks on the air.And The Martha Stewart Show hasn't had stellar ratings.

We're lunching in her office at the Manhattan TV studio where she's just finished hosting a live broadcast of The Martha Stewart Show, her Emmy award-winning daily program.(The Martha Stewart no-nonsense approach to e-mail: "If it's important, I answer it.When she shows me some of the Macy's items, she talks about them with genuine excitement. She takes deep pleasure in all those Martha things that show up on her calendar — spring-cleaning the canary cages, moving her citrus plants outdoors for the summer."Look at that beautiful, delicate rim," she says, holding up a porcelain plate, then presenting the scalloped-edge sheets, the glassware ("Polish crystal, which I love"), and a reproduction antique spice rack ("This was an old tobacco sorter that I discovered at an antiques show probably 30 years ago"). And she can sound like a precocious child when she proudly lists all the activities in her chockablock weekend.Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart: unlikely duo of the last two centuries, internet darlings, and star crossed... At the Friesz Art Fair in NYC last weekend, Andres Serrano’s portraits of Donald Trump and Snoop Dogg were featured side by side according to The Huffington Post.

Martha Stewart (casual guest) stepped in between the two and snapped a picture with gestures for each of the men in her life. for VH1, and it looks like Snoop's been rubbing off on Martha— or maybe this is who she's been all along? The photo was taken by Newlin Tillotson, an artist and embroiderer, and posted to her Instagram, which she has since put on private."I will be back," she said, famously, standing on the courthouse steps just after being sentenced in July 2004. Stewart has rebounded to a degree that perhaps only her fiercest fans believed she would.True, MSO reportedly hasn't turned an annual profit since 2002, the year her name was first publicly linked to the securities fraud investigation.You bold, girl), and some sneakers that scream "I know what athleisure is! Martha Stewart takes a forkful of lemon pie and savors it. She sits at one end of the sleek rectangular table that serves as her desk, having closed and set aside the silver laptop — with its Martha-blue mouse — on which she'd been answering some of the 55 e-mails she's already gotten today.The number of advertising pages in Martha Stewart Living is climbing, and Stewart is a presence in the magazine once again, photographed squeezing a pastry tube and hanging framed maps on a wall in her Maine vacation home.