Amy lee dating seether

Even if you dont like Amy Lee this song is sooo hard to NOT fall in love with... ¢¾¢¾I like both versions, but my one problem with the Amy version is that she actually messes up. She starts to say 'lonesome', but then quickly changes it to 'open', so it comes out 'lopen'. it always reminds me of my ex-boyfriend because it is both of our favourite song and it was our first slow dance. Music is the greatest form of expression,(my personal opinion), and if you are not left feeling the way the artist felt at the time he/she wrote the song, then, the artist has failed in writing good music.Now, in the case of Broken, performed by Shaun, by himself, don't you think that he intentionally sang it alone, to give the listener a feeling of empitness and lonliness?? As a musician, you should understand better than anyone. I don't know squat about Seether, but I just heard their song "Remedy" on internet radio and because the lead singer sounded SO MUCH like Kurt Cobain, I thought, "Oh, here's a Nirvana song I've never heard before. This song reminds me of my ex...oh, dear lord, the words truely do hit hard to my heart!

but whenever i listen to this song i think of him, and i know we'll be together soon.Anyhow Love the song, [dont get me wrong, i love evanescence but] amy lee wasnt not to take shaun back.This song makes my heart cry every time I listen to it.In 2004 mine and my brother's best friend couldn't live with his pain anymore and decided to end it.This song was already very special to me, but it became even more special when I was 6 days away from coming home from Iraq on a two week leave.

This song became even more special as well as the conversation my brother and I had about the song because on that day July 24, 2005 my brother was killed in a car accident when he came around a curve and hit a train.After the song was over I said to my brother if I die in Iraq I want this song played at my funeral.My brother said if anything ever happened to him he wanted it played at his funeral as well.This song is something I can really relate to right now.Im actually learning the song, and trying to learn the guitar so I can play it at a local talent show.This is going to be our "First Dance", when we get married next year.acoustic is better.