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The company is also rather slow in sending out important notices.

When some New York City theaters dropped out of the program months ago, customers weren't notified for days, with the result being that people showed up at the theaters and were simply told their cards were no longer valid.

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It seems a happy medium is in order if both Moviepass and major theater chains can come to terms.

Moviepass should get some percentage of the revenues they are sending into theaters, especially on slow nights when attendance is sparse.

An article in Fortune addresses the challenges to Moviepass and casts doubt on whether existing customers will be able to continue to enjoy their "movie a day" plan when they renew their subscriptions. On the other hand, even seeing four movies a month would probably satisfy the average subscriber, so it isn't known how many subscribers might defect- and if they do, what will they gain?

They will just end up paying much more at theater boxoffices.

It's only when movies enter extended runs that theaters get a meatier share of the ticket sales, thus they depend on sales of over-priced concessions.

This is why your local big city theater now resembles a restaurant, offering everything from Mexican food to pizza, along with the ability to dine while watching the film.UPDATE: MOVIEPASS HAS REVERTED BACK TO ITS ORIGINAL PROGRAM THAT ALLOWS SUBSCRIBERS TO ATTEND ONE MOVIE A DAY. BY LEE PFEIFFER Moviepass is a subscription program available to movie-goers in the USA that allows members to pay .95 per month in return for receiving a card that allows them to see a different movie every day for no charge at over 4,000 theaters nationwide.(The price is less if you get the card via assuming you are a Costco member.Existing customers can still see a different movie every day but are still barred from repeat viewings of the same film.New customers are supposed to take solace from receiving a three month trial to a subscription radio station...that's caused a backlash because the subscription automatically continues on a pay basis unless the customer pro-actively remembers to stop it.Pay for View concerts and sporting events can command such prices but they are largely paid by groups of people who gather in the same room and share the expense of streaming the one-time event.