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For the first 30 days of residence they’re required to attend two meetings a day on the premises, after which they are required to attend between three and five meetings each week.

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Ten minutes outside of town on CCA Road — named for the private prison company, Corrections Corporation of America — is Stewart, one of the most remote immigration detention centers in the country.Stewart has become an essential moneymaker for the area.For more than 20 years, Sober Living America has been delivering top-rated addiction education programs and sober living services at four facilities in Birmingham, Alabama, Tampa, Florida, Jacksonville, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia.Though all are similarly managed under the SLA banner, they vary in size and and style.In 2012, it provided 20 percent of the county’s revenue, money generated from the roughly 1,700 beds that are filled with men waiting to find out whether they’ll be deported from the United States. Stewart, and the adjoining immigration court that determines the fate of all its detainees, has the highest deportation rate in the country.

That’s in part because the detainees at Stewart are among the least likely to find an immigration attorney.The Tampa facility has 10 units and can accommodate up to 61 residents, roughly six to an apartment. The living areas are comfortable with two couches and cable TV.In all locations, amenities include Internet access and transportation is provided if needed.In a spirit of forgiveness, residents who leave before staff feels they are ready will be welcomed back, provided they demonstrate a renewed commitment to recovery.SLA also provides in-house group or individual therapy, led by a CADC.Lawyers simply don’t live anywhere near Lumpkin, and few are willing to take the hours-long trek to meet with clients — clients who, for the most part, can’t afford their services.