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Forget Trinny and Susannah, he was the original makeover king who could make any woman – no matter her fears – feel good about her bare body.

Now 43, Gok has done it all – apart from reveal who he really is when the cameras aren’t rolling.

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People in this country are still being queer-bashed every day. I love Alan, he is such a dear friend and we have an incredible dynamic.

Did you get bullied in your Leicestershire village where you grew up? A lot of it was for being fat or being gay or mixed race.

I managed to insult the entire room and then threw up all over myself.

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The Chatty Man host tied the knot with his long-term partner in January, and it looks like everyone there had the best time ever.

Alan had already revealed that his best pal Adele got secretly ordained so she could marry her friends at a ceremony she hosted in her garden in Los Angeles.

Comedian Carr, 41, known for hosting the popular Channel 4 chat show, and party planner Drayton became engaged during a holiday to Indonesia in 2016.

The TV personality shared a photograph of the couple on a beach on Mexico with his more than 300,000 followers. With a long list of celebrity friends including singer Adele, fashion guru and presenter Gok Wan and TV and radio presenter Melanie Sykes, the wedding will likely be a star-studded event.

Being gay, the bullying started happening about age 15. I wouldn’t walk into a working men’s club on my own at night.

I just would never do it and I wouldn’t walk into a bar in London late at night if it was full of Chelsea boys or bankers shouting at each other. I can’t say too much, as it’s in my show and I don’t want to spoil it where I come out to my dad because the story is lovely. Finding a guy in a bar, there’s a good chance he’s going to know more about me if he recognises me, therefore has made an assumption on who I am, so trying to play catch up on that takes a lot of effort.

This week TV Magazine gets to know Gok Wan My first job was in my family’s restaurant, wearing a tuxedo with a little bow tie. Only now I don’t have a notepad – just a nice selection of bras! So I grew into my relationship with them and worked hard at making it stable, successful and respectful.