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“This is a most attractive target for the fedayeen,” he says. The young Afghan belongs to a dangerous new breed of Taliban militants.

He grew up in a city, not in a mud-hut village in the backcountry, and he got his education not only at a madrassa but also at a public high school in Pakistan, and then at a college where he majored in information technology.

“We don’t have to all gather in one place,” Jamal says.

Lutfullah Mashal, the spokesman for Afghanistan’s National Directorate of Security, confirms to Newsweek that the recent attacks in the capital were carried out by regular Taliban under the direction of Hajji Lala.That’s the code name used by the Taliban’s seniormost commander in the capital, Mullah Hayatullah—the mastermind of the new urban strategy, according to Jamal and other Taliban sources.Citified techies like him are playing an essential role in helping the guerrillas to reshape their strategy with attention-grabbing surprise assaults in places that previously were spared from the heaviest fighting.As brutal as the Taliban’s leaders can be, they’re not stupid.The Internet has revolutionized the insurgents’ training system as well.

The techies are able to set up real-time instruction sessions, where Taliban master bombmakers demonstrate their techniques via webcam as students watch from mud-brick houses hundreds of miles away.His beard is neatly trimmed, and he doesn’t even carry a gun.Instead, he says, his weapons are a Mac Book computer, a clutch of mobile phones, and an array of IT gadgets, from digital cameras to webcams and GPS devices.IAVA is proud to announce "Big 6" policy priorities for 2018.IAVA's "Big 6" will seek to transform the current landscape for veterans by elevating their voices and ensuring veterans, not politicians, drive the agenda.“That’s the best way to put pressure on the government and the Americans, and to show them that we are as strong in the cities as we are in the countryside.”The deadly new campaign has already begun.