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Dismissing during a trial period If you are concerned about an employee’s performance or conduct, and their employment is subject to a trial period, we recommend that you first check that you have adhered to the above requirements.To terminate in reliance on a trial period, you need to prepare a letter for the employee explaining this and giving notice, before the 90 day timeframe has expired.You should give this letter to them at a meeting where you explain the decision.

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We almost always start out in a connected relationship only to find ourselves no longer feeling the depth of connection and compassion we hope and strive for. With personally facilitated co-active coaching, we can erase or edit those survival patterns we learned so young, and re-write our personal (and professional) life script.This re-writing enables us to fully create and live out our dream of being all we are capable of being, for ourselves and for our partners.As a diversity trainer for 35 years, I still specialize in helping people "maximize their relationship potential” - from the boardroom to the bedroom.Thank you for taking a moment to learn a bit more about me.My life changing learnings from two Near Death Experiences (see my TEDx Talk "The Gift of Near Death" and documentary "Beyond Our Sight") called me to become a professional helping individuals to have better relationships from the boardroom to the bedroom.

In our love relationships, we need to interact with 100% honesty, authenticity and personal responsibility in order to enhance our spiritual, emotional, sensual and sexual intimacy.

If we settle for no less, then we can experience a profoundly life-affirming love and connection with our partner.

I have lived and worked all over the world, hold an Amherst College BA and Stanford University MBA, and am a CTI-Certified Professional Co-Active Coach.

This is because you are still required to be proactive in your communication with the employee, including telling the employee why you are dismissing them if they ask, even if those reasons wouldn’t usually be a justifiable reason for dismissing them without the trial period.

Remember, all other employment obligations apply during the trial period and an employee is not prevented from bringing any other kind of claim, for example, regarding discrimination.

I work with highly conscious clients interested in experiencing and enhancing their intimacy through their monogamous relationship.