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However, if you would like a copy for genealogy purposes, there is a minimal fee and it will be stamped "Not For Legal Purposes". No requests can be made over the phone at the county level.

Plain copy requests cannot be honored through the mail. You need to submit a letter or application form with all the pertinent information concerning the vital record you are looking for.

The DD214 must be recorded before military exemption is applied toward property tax reduction.

If the DD214 Military Discharge has been misplaced or destroyed, a certified copy may be obtained from the National Personnel Records Center in St.

Vital Searches If you request our office to search vital records the fee will be .00 whether we have the record or not.

You can come in to the office and do the search yourself and there is no fee.Marriage Licenses and Certificates of Marriage are also issued.Vital records of death certificates are available in the Recorder's Office.Discharge papers (DD214's) may be recorded for permanent records and certified to perfect claims.In order to obtain a Certified copy the original document must be presented for recording.Fees for recording the above documents are as follows: .00 for first page .00 for each additional page .00 per parcel if more than one parcel is listed Your recorder is also responsible for recording: Mortgages Extensions Amendments/Modifications Releases/Satisfactions Assignments Easements Leases Bill of Sales Trade Names Articles of Incorporation Power of Attorney Plats of Surveys Corner Certificate Affidavits (with no legal) State/Federal Liens Fees for recording the above are as follows: .00 for the first page (Plats of Surveys) .00 (All Others) .00 for each additional page (All) Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filing fees are .00 for a new filing and .00 for a termination.