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Samples of the white oak corner posts of Gilman Garrison House were tested and confirmed a definitive date of 1709 for the house’s construction.Exeter, New Hampshire, is a short ride from the coast, and an easy ride north from Boston.

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Architectural historian Abbott Lowell Cummings pointed out the easily recognizable defensive features: abnormally small window openings, firing ports in the second floor overhang, and evidence of a portcullis.The first reference to the house comes in 1719, when the site was issued a tavern license.His son, another John, built the log structure on the same property of his father’s house.The house was unusually built as a dwelling and as a defense.Around 2000, dendrochronology was performed on the house.

Dendrochronology is a scientific process of dating sturctural elements through tree ring patterns.He also clapboarded the original garrison walls and enlarged the windows.Ebenezer Clifford, a native of Kensington, New Hampshire, purchased the house from Peter Gilman’s daughter’s heirs.The onetime parlor was made into a millinery shop, where the sisters sold hats.After the death of Betsy Clifford, she ordered her entire estate to be sold at auction.It is possible that the additions to the carriage barn to the back of the property were built during their occupancy.