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If work is to be completed under multiple permits a Certificate of Completion can be requested for a specific scope when complete.

The Certificate of Occupancy is issued once the project is completely finished.

Framing – Included are fire wall, seismic and wind bracing, beams, and electrical, mechanical, or plumbing located within walls that need to be inspected prior to wall sheathing.

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The Planning and Zoning Department will provide a checklist verifying the use has been approved for that specific location.

This is not an approval to occupy or begin any work whatsoever.b) Immediately following verification from the Planning and Zoning Department the applicant must consult with the Building Department for details related to any construction and the Certificate of Occupancy that must be issued for occupancy of any location within the City of Southaven.

Please consult the subdivision covenants for those requirements. That is specifically at the discretion of the Homeowner’s Association.

Code A permit is required for sheds whether they are constructed on-site or delivered already fabricated.

A site plan will be needed to verify setbacks, utility easements, proper distance from the residence, and other relevant issues.

A security fence must be provided in accordance with code prior to the final inspection.Forever Young members play canasta, bridge, and hand and foot cards.We have a bunco group, and a large chicken foot dominoes group.A plot plan or survey is needed along with the fence permit so that we can evaluate property lines, easements, set-backs, etc. The criteria for materials, height, and other specifics are regulated by the Planning and Zoning Department.Approval from the Homeowner’s Association might be required.The completed checklist and inspection forms must be brought to the Building Department to obtain the Certificate of Occupancy.