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New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. Lowe had served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Atlantic National Bank, sometime after the Bank's founding in 1828. His parents were Abraham and Charlotte (Hill) Lowe; and the original ancestor of the family in America was John Low or Lowe. A general banking law had recently been enacted by the Massachusetts legislature, under which bank circulation was to be secured by the deposit at the State House of State or City bonds. Lowe and his associates were among the first to organize under this free banking law; and when, soon after the breaking out of the war of rebellion, the National Banking Law was passed, which superseded all State legislation, so far as related to currency, they were the first to organize under the new system. Chase, the Secretary of the Treasury, desired that the Merchants Bank of Boston, the largest banking institution in the city, should become the First National Bank here; but, owing to delay on the part of the numerous stockholders in consenting to the change, the honor of doing business under this name was accorded to the enterprising bank which was so prompt to accept the new order of things made necessary by the cost of the war, and which has maintained, from that time to the present, a most enviable reputation for prudence, sagacity and enterprise in successful combination. Lowe compiled two school books, and many years after, a small volume entitled Observations on the Medicinal Agencies of the Vegetable Meteria Medica. 76 (1922), p.248.~) Marie Lowe Is Bride Of Quincy Man. ¶ The bride was attired in a blue velvet frock with blue hat and accessories. Miss Lemmon wore a pale yellow dress with brown hat and accessories and her bouquet was of pink roses. She also graduated from Gem City business college in Quincy, going then to the St. 132.~Ann Low, Daughter of Samuel Low (b:3-29-1701, D:1749, son of Samuel Low, grandson of Anthony Low and Great-grandson of John Low) and Elizabeth Wilson (B: ). of Rehoboth on and had two sons: John Wilson Bosworth and Hooker Bosworth (Suffolk County deeds, vol. Appleton, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1978, p. Lowe, aged 19, daughter of Nathaniel Lowe, married in Rockport, MA on to Frederick S. Peter’s Episcopal Church Records] Heads of Families at the First Census of the United States Taken in the Year 1790 - Massachusetts, Baltimore Genealogical Publishing Co, 1966., P. 79.~Aaron Low died 8-20-1840 (aged 85yrs according to church records).