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Bonifacy Krupski in 1861 was married Stefanja widow, born ca 1830, the daughter of Florjan SWIDA, and Konstancja Niepokojczycki Swida, b. After the November Uprising in which Eustachy Kajetan Sapieha took part, Rzana was confiscated by the Tsarist authorities.Rzana was one of the main headquarters of the Rzana line of the Sapieha family.Jozef Grabowski was Napoleon's officer, director of the Credit Bank in Poznan. Jozef's father - Adam Mateusz Grabowski the owner of Welno and Parkow, the Royal Court official of August III.

1882, Constantine entered into a morganatic marriage with Agrippina Japaridze; by the early 1890s, they were doing business in Odessa and Alexandrovsk (Zaporozhe). Nicholas I, Tsar of Russia was partner of Countess Olga Kalinowska [see Trubecki, Konstantynowicz, Oginski and Wola Pszczolecka] but she happened to be the mistress of Tsarevitch Alexander, the son of Tsar Nicholas I.Olga was pregnant by either the Tsarevitch or his father Nicholas I.In 1644, Sapieha received King Wladyslaw IV in Rzana.Eustachy Kajetan Ostafi Sapieha was born in Werki [now in WILNO] in 1797, died in PARIS in 1860; Insurgent of 1831; the son of Franciszek Sapieha born in 1772 [Franciszek Sapieha was the son of Aleksander Michal SAPIEHA and Magdalena Lubomirski - Magdalena Agnieszka was the daughter of Antoni Benedykt Lubomirski.Magdalena Agnieszka Sapieha Lubomirska was the Polish mistress of King Stanislaw August Poniatowski; her son Michal Cichocki, and her daughter Konstancja Zwan Szwan, RUZYCKA PETERS CICHOCKA]; EUSTACHY SAPIEHA, due to the failure to give the oath to the Emperor Mikolaj I, was confiscated all the goods in the country.

In exile, he was associated with the Lambert Hotel camp.Stefan Antoni Grabowski, the official in Brzesc Litewski in 1696.David Dadiani of the House of Dadiani, was Prince of Mingrelia, in western Georgia, from 1846.Initially it was a global political network of the Russian intelligence infiltrated by the British [1791], French [from the 40s of the 18th century] and Germans [1769/1776], and by the Polish independence conspiracy [was established 1792/1799] starting from a years 1870/1878. Petersburg established the Electrotechnical workshop on 1892, June 27. (1803 at Coburg, she married 1st to Charles, Prince of Leiningen; 2nd to Prince Edward, Duke of Kent and Strathearn, in 1818 at Amorbach.6 km to the south of the BRZEZIE was the palace in Wieniec founded in the early nineteenth century by the family of Miaczynski; in 1868 the property bought a Warsaw banker of Jewish origin and a great Polish patriot - Leopold Kronenberg. Foy, the French government (dial telegraph in 1845), the Telegraph Company in 1863 (electric telegraph - Breguet System, late 19th century), in Britain in the 1860s and 1870s with Wood, Edward George b. 1896 from Cheapside, City of London, who was friend of Thomas Cooper, the Chartist (galvanic telegraph, Crossley's Telegraph in Halifax), d'Arlincourt (transmitter); Breguet patented a Telegraph Communicator - Breguet Alphabetical Type, circa 1870; manufactured the telephone transmitter (Boudet, Laborde, Breguet, Ader, Du Moncel, and others) and telephone receivers (Bell, Breguet, and others). Victoria's father was Francis, Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld and mother Countess Augusta of Reuss-Ebersdorf daughter of Karoline Ernestine of Erbach-Schnberg)] Of Frederick William III and Louise' four children, three married the brothers and sisters of Csar Alexander I.On 10 October 1848 or in 1849 Olga gave birth to Prince Bogdan or Michael-Bogdan - Oginski by name and Romanov by gene.