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It is this group which I would like to examine in detail, but I would like, also, to look at the whole spectrum of groups who refer to themselves as Cherokees.Of course, the best known body of Cherokees are those Indians who I will call, for lack of a better name, legal Cherokees.

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One is a group which lives in North Carolina still within the original Cherokee country; on the Qualla Reservation around Cherokee, North Carolina and further west about 50 miles in a small community near Robinsville, North Carolina.These Cherokees at Robinsville do not live on a reservation but on a patchwork of scattered trust lands which are occupied by individual Cherokee families.There are several such groups, some of them unrelated to others.There is one "block" of Indian people who live in the Cumberland region of Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia and southern Ohio who refer to themselves as Cherokee.Our goal at Upshur is to maintain the highest quality of life for our residents.

Residents at our facility will have access to numerous services that will make their experience comfortable during their stay. Escalante, however, said Wood fired the shot into the air and that there was another gunshot immediately after.An Upshur County sheriff’s deputy said that Barber at first denied shooting a gun during the party, but later admitted he had fired a pistol.Northwestern South Carolina, as well as a great deal of the original Cherokee country in southeastern Tennessee and western North Carolina, had been sold to the United States by 1820.The area of the Cherokee Nation was restricted largely to northern Georgia and northeastern Alabama by 1820.Escalante testified that by the time they arrived, their friends were gone and the fight was over, except for some name-calling and taunting.