Adult chat on my iphone

It's a bit like disarming a bomb; once I open that sucker, I'm on countdown.

If I don't take action in a timely manner, I risk offending the recipient, or worse -- looking like a total flippin' loser by hesitating.

It's a well-known tactic in the art of seduction, aka gradually convincing someone to let you sleep over every night in the summer because they have central air conditioning and you just have a dang window fan.

You might assume that I am obsessively vigilant about reading my texts immediately, but see here: If I'm not ready to answer a message, I won't read it until I have the proper time and mindset to respond.If you're the kind of self-respecting adult who doesn't check their phone every five minutes, read receipts come in handy for thwarting off agitated texts like "Hello?Head on over to i Tunes to upgrade your version of Camfrog on i OS. We’re excited to announce Camfrog Pro for i Phone is now available on the App Store!For all of your Android friends, don’t worry, we’ll have some news real soon for you too! Join your favorite room, or hop on in to a new room, and look at all your friends, or videochat with new friends, with Camfrog Pro for i Phone, you can now view multiple videos, making your videochat that much better!To celebrate this new feature, we are having a contest with a chance to win 1,000 coins!

Here is how to enter: The Camfrog team will hop in to choose the winners a few times a day.

I won't leave people hanging, so the idea is that hopefully people won't leave me hanging either.

I don't actually know if this works or not though, because everyone I talk to keeps their read receipts off. To turn your read receipts on for all incoming messages, hit up Settings -- toggle on Send Read Receipts.

We’ve also made the app much more stable and squished a number of bugs.

Last, Camfrog Pro users will now standout in the app with a Green nickname.

This is precisely why most people keep their read receipts off: They like to take their sweet-ass time.