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Accessibility, Personalized Learning, Visual Design, Mobile), they are constants, not trends. ) is one that could well be a trend with a constant future.Stackable credentials have an immediate purpose and gratification, and provide shorter-term achievable goals for learners with such needs.

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The synergy of video, mobile and ever escalating demand for learning at the moment and location of need will likely reach perfect storm levels this year – though the lack of significant data to demonstrate how effective it is compared to traditional training will continue to slow the engine.

Short, focused and fun learning should become the focus of all learning professionals going forward.

This is a much more efficient way of delivering learning and also ensuring the engagement of your learners.

Phil Mayor (e Learning Laboratory) Phil’s top 3 trends: Micro-learning, Visual Design, Augmented Reality (AR) Adults prefer to learn on demand, just in time, and on the go.

using a mobile phone, means that anyone can be a producer and share their expertise.

It doesn’t have to be a Hollywood blockbuster, just helpful, relevant and easy to find.CLO and Workforce data for the past two years have been showing us a trend toward increased use of video, both for learning and for HR communications. Low barriers to entry make this a fast growing practice.Video production continues to get easier and cheaper.For L&D, this has become the rallying cry for microlearning, which is a trendy way to represent the fundamental shift needed in how we support people.L&D must fit into the realities of the workplace rather than expecting employees to step away when it’s “time to learn.”While many of the listed items are important (i.e. I interviewed 57 experts and asked them to pick their top 3 trends. Here’s a short video summarizing the top trend from each of our 57 experts. To jump to the trends and the feedback, click on any of the headings: #1: Micro-learning #2: Video #3 Artificial Intelligence (AI) #4: Augmented Reality (AR) #5: Mobile #6: x API #7: Virtual Reality (VR) #8: Subscription tools and learning #9a: Science-based learning #9b: Personalized learning #9c: Performance Support More Trends for 2018 In the workplace today, people have less and less time to get their jobs done.