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Thereby, the administration of many digital images is certainly less laborious, but therefore more important.

Here, one navigates through the available saving media with the help of a directory tree.Alternatively, it is also possible to fade in a calendar display with which help one can sort and browse the images according to their date.Today, this task, thus the administration of digital images, are taken over by some so-called image administration programes.Some known representants of this genre are for example Aperture of Apple or Lightroom.In the modus Viewing , ACDSee Pro behaves like an image viewing program: By pressing a key or a mouse-click, one can browse through each of the images within a folder.

Thereby, it is possible to display also other kinds of information as the histogram, a viewing magnifier or meta data.

During the times of the analog photography, people needed a lot of utensils for the administration of a large photo archive: Beginning with a light panel and a good magnifier for the image selection and evaluation of file sheets, to files or even cupboards for the storage, up to files and lists that enable the finding of a determined photography.

Today, in the digital age, the photos do not need any physical space any more but only some digital memory space.

In its newest version for professionals ACDSee Pro, the producer promises a professional workflow that is supposed to enable the work with large image quantities to be faster and more simple.

We have had a deeper look into this program and will demonstrate you in this test report what this software is able to do, how to work with it efficiently and which possibilities result from the large range of functions.

But also other software producers have some powerful softwares for the image administration in program.